HR & Compliance

We believe, maintaining compliance is not an expense but an investment. Compliance in terms of ILO, local labour was, buyers’ requirements and above all, for our own satisfactions are highly maintained as GNFL’s ethical and corporate policies. So ultimately, we confirm all standards and procedures to meet the European and the USA codes of conducts, rules and regulations. So, we believe in proper win-win culture and appropriate transparency, and transparency has already blessed us with our business relation with renowned companies in the world. Right wages as set by the Government at the right time at the beginning of the month are above all. Besides, GNFL is happy to provide some facilities like transport for workers, standard sanitary facilities, pure drinking water, health care’s, canteen services, day care centre, compensation, smoking free zone and welfare facilities.

About working hours, workers have free options. Intervals for rest, weekly holidays, annual leaves, festival leaves with bonus for all religions, maternity leaves and protections-all are happily guaranteed here in GNFL. Our latest safety equipment ensures safety measures- fire extinguishers in each floor, conducting fire facing trials in every month and ample and spacious doors for easy passages in case of urgency.

Child labour is not allowed anywhere in our company.


GNFL has custom designed hybrid type chemical-mechanical Effluent Treatment Plant. Compacted in size and modern in technology, this ETP treats 30,000 liters effluents per hour very effectively all around the day. Our ETP transforms every single drop of wastage water into eco-friendly before dischargingin the environment.