GNFL has a Target oriented unit Production System. We have over 2475 Stations running in 1 shift. We have Sophisticated Controlled machines to satisfy your needs with Integrated System of GSD & ERP and Advanced Production Planning. In our sewing floor, we always ensure 100% safety for Operators and Helpers as well as for Supervisors.

Sewing section is the most important department of our garment manufacturing industry. Sewing machines of different types are arranged as a vertical line to assemble the garments. Our garment production system is a way how fabric is being converted into garment in a manufacturing system. Production systems are named according to the various factors, like- Number of machine are used to make a garment, Machines layout, Total number of operators or helper involved to sew a complete garment and Number of pieces moving in a line during making a garment.

Sewing Machine

SL Machine Descriptions Qty Model NO Brand Origin
1. Plain Machine (Auto) 211 SL-2110-403 Brother China
  Plain Machine (Auto) 45 S-7200A-403 Brother China
  Plain Machine (Auto) 44 S-7200A-303 Brother China
  Plain Machine (Auto) 235 DDL-8700-7 Juki China
  Plain Machine (Normal) 6 DDL-5530 Juki China
  Plain Machine (Normal) 100 SL-7340-3 Brother China
2 Over Lock Machine (3 Thread) 6 GN-2000-3 Typical China
  Over Lock M/C ( 4 Thread ) 494 MX5214-M53 Pegasus China
  Over Lock M/C ( 4 Thread ) 170 Mo6714 Juki China
  Over Lock M/C ( 4 Thread ) 127 GN-2000-4H Typical China
  Over Lock M/C ( 5 Thread ) 71 GN-2000-6 Typical China
  Over Lock M/C (Decoration Stitch) 2 SC-38 Sicama China
3 Flat Lock Binder 87 W1562N-2G Pegasus Japan
  Flat Lock Binder 15 GK32500-1356 Typical China
  Flat Lock Binder 72 MF-7222 Juki China
4 Flat Lock Cylinder BED 173 W-2664-01G Pegasus Japan
  Flat Lock Cylinder BED 70 MF-7823 Juki China
  Flat Lock Cylinder BED 32 GK-32700 Typical China
5 Flat Lock Raw Edge Cutter (Auto) 78 W2664-35B Pegasus Japan
  Flat Lock Raw Edge Cutter 20 MF-7823-20H Juki Japan
6 Flat Lock Small Cylinder 25 W264-01 GB Pegasus Japan
  Flat Lock Small Cylinder 5 MF-7223D Juki China
7 Flat Lock Flat BED 27 GK32500-1356D Typical China
8 Back Tape M/C (2NDL) 23 F007J Siruba China
9 Button Hole Machine(Auto) 22 HE-800-A3 Brother China
10 Button Hole Machine 6 LBH-781 Juki Japan
11 Button Attach Machine(Auto) 13 BE-438 Brother China
12 Button Attach Machine(Auto) 13 MO-1900-3 Juki Japan
13 Bar tack Machine(Auto) 6 KE-430D-01 Brother China
14 Bar tack Machine(Auto) 31 MO-1900A-ss Juki Japan
15 Kansai Special 24 DFB-1404-PMD Kansai Japan
16 Feed of the ARM 1 GK-360 Typical China
17 Feed of the ARM 3 DA-9270-3 Brother China
18 Two NDL Chain Stitch 4 GK-0056-1 Typical China
19 Two NDL Chain Stitch 4 GC-842H Brother/Ty China
20 Picoting Machine 14 Px302W Kansai Japan
21 Zig Zag Stitch Machine 10 GT656   China
22 Smocking Machine 4 VC-008 Siruba China