Our laboratory is an addition to the vertical set up of our whole project-garment unit, Fabric unit, and Print section. Our in-house laboratory is capable of doing almost all kinds of physical and chemical tests both like pull tests, shade band tests, colour fastness, crinkle and others which are now-a-days, the common demands among many buyers, and like other equipment’s in other sections this laboratory is also well-equipped with modern machinery and technologies supported by advanced soft-ware.

Laboratory Machinery :

SL Machine Descriptions Qty Brand Unit Cons.(KW) Origin
01 Auto Dispenser (Auto Lab TF) 01 Data Colour 03 U.S.A
02 Colour Solution 01 Data Colour 04 U.S.A
03 Lab Dip Dyeing 02 Data Colour 3.85 U.S.A
04 Hot Air Oven 01 Paramount 03 India
05 Sample Washing M/C 01 Electrolux 06 England
06 Colour Fastness M/C 01 SDL, ATLAS 05 England
07 Sample Tumble Dryer 01 Kelvinator 05 India
08 Bursting M/C 01 Paramount 0.2 India
09 Pilling M/C 01 SDL, ATLAS 0.3 England
10 Pilling Grey Scale 01 SDL, ATLAS 0.2 England
11 Spectro Photo Meter 01 Data Colour   U.S.A
12 Auto Lab Mixer M/C 01 Data Colour   U.S.A


Generation Next Fashions Limited’s Dyeing section is well equipped with latest dyeing capacity 25000 -30000 kg/day and fabric finishing machines. We have total 3 stenter machine with capacity 40000 kg/day finishing and 3 open compactor machines and 4 tumble machines and 2 slitting machines, 1 fork lift to handle the material smoothly and Sclavos soft flow dyeing machine. Thus it can provide a wide range of special finishes such as peach and brushed finish, wrinkle-free, stain resistant, cool max etc. The company’s ultramodern process house comprises the latest equipment’s and machinery in the world. Machines can dye polyester under high temperature and pressure conditions. Producing dyed fabric without any piling due to low liquid pressure and double nozzle system. Dyeing Finishing Section we have both Open and tubular fabric finishing line. To have perfect finishing on fabric we are using world class machine with most modern technology.

Dyeing Machinery:

SL Machine Descriptions Qty Brand Capacity Origin
01 High Pressure & Temperature 01 Dilmenler 1600 kgs Turkey
02 High Pressure & Temperature 01 Dilmenler 1200 kgs Turkey
03 High Pressure & Temperature 01 Dilmenler 900 kgs Turkey
04 High Pressure & Temperature 01 Dilmenler 600 kgs Turkey
05 High Pressure & Temperature 01 Fongs 1200 kgs China
06 High Pressure & Temperature 01 Fongs 800 kgs China
07 High Pressure & Temperature 01 Fongs 250 kgs China
08 High Pressure & Temperature 01 Fongs 60 kgs China
09 High Pressure & Temperature 01 Fongs 10 kgs China

Finishing Section

After passing the dyeing section, different fabric properties are added in finishing section by applying different finishes. By using a series of finishing machines, correct width, softness and appearance are maintained according to requirements. Then sampling is done for several times to test GSM, Shrinkage & fastness properties. Finally fabric is inspected & prepared for delivery. A quality control department is a busy department if they do their job perfectly. A quality controller should have enough knowledge about the quality standard of different fastness measurement process.

Finishing Machinery

SL Machine Descriptions Qty Brand Origin
01. Squezer 01 Bianco Italy
02. Slitting 01 Bianco Italy
03. Compaction 01 Bianco Italy
04. Stenter 01 ACC Turkey
05. Brush Sueding 01 Lafer-Turk Turkey
06. Tube-Tex 01 Tubetex U.S.
07. Fabrics Inspection 01 Best Leader Korea
08. AMS Dryer 01 A M S Turkey
09. Tumbler Dryer 01 Aziz Metal Bangladesh
10. Sample Washing 01 Aziz Metal Bangladesh
11. De-Watering 01 Aziz Metal Bangladesh


SL Machine Descriptions Capacity Qty Brand Origin
01. Gas Generator 1287 KVA 01 Caterpillar U.S.A
02. Diesel Generator 278 KVA 01 Max Energy U.K
03. Diesel Generator 550 KVA 01 Cummins India
04. Boiler 8500kgs 01 Royal Dalem Korea
05. Air Compressor 50 HP 03 Atlas Cop co Belgium
06 Air Compressor 10 HP 03 Jabu China