Our laboratory is an addition to the vertical set up of our whole project-garment unit, Fabric unit, and Print section. Our in-house laboratory is capable of doing almost all kinds of physical and chemical tests both like pull tests, shade band tests, colour fastness, crinkle and others which are now-a-days, the common demands among many buyers, and like other equipment’s in other sections this laboratory is also well-equipped with modern machinery and technologies supported by advanced soft-ware.



After passing the dyeing section, different fabric properties are added in finishing section by applying different finishes. By using a series of finishing machines, correct width, softness and appearance are maintained according to requirements. Then sampling is done for several times to test GSM, Shrinkage & fastness properties. Finally fabric is inspected & prepared for delivery. A quality control department is a busy department if they do their job perfectly. A quality controller should have enough knowledge about the quality standard of different fastness measurement process.