At GNFL, we have given enough effort as well as enough time in planning and developing our cutting space. We now have a complete set of solutions that optimize our production processes. Our cutting room adapts easily to different production requirements for mass production, diversified production, small and medium range production, and ultimately delivers significant savings in terms of production time and material consumptions. With unrivalled technical support from Lectra and powerful production equipment controlled by software, GNFL ensures optimum functioning of the production unit. Besides having the most advanced equipment, we value professionals and experienced & caring hands. The CAD department is responsible for patterns and marker making and supplying these to the cutting room. This is one of the most important rooms for a garments factory, as fabric consumption can be controlled from this unit. Fabrics; to be noted, incorporate 60% of the total cost of garments making. So, a 1% improvement of cutting efficiency can lead to a big cost saving at the end of the day. That’s why we have employed well trained and skillful personnel in CAD section. There are numerous software’s used for CAD marker making. Lectra, Gerbar, Audaces are some of the most popular ones used.