Quality determines the acceptability in the market. The primary purpose of the in-process auditing is to identify problems as early as possible. A problem may be caused by the operator, the machine, or other factors. The inline audits help us find specific problems in production. The only way to fix a problem is to find the problem. It is important to find errors as quickly as possible so that they can be corrected as fast as possible. Quality control is concerned with the garments specifications, measurements, fabric types, sewing quality, accessories quality etc. Our QC officers are responsible for making sure all the parameters are followed and each check mark is completed. Our quality control officers have sound knowledge on garment specifications, measurements, textile materials, and accessories. GNFL’S QC officers have knowledge of garment faults and defects and can detect them and take appropriate action on corrections. Our Company’s advanced management team along with our well-trained Quality Assurance team ensures the best quality of products to meet the International Standard. That’s how we maintain the quality of products so that our customers are retained.

The quality team follows all standardized international rules:
Fabric Inspection: 4 Points system, sewing in process: Traffic light system, Garment AQL: 2.5, In Line Process: 7 pcs system, Needle detection report: 9-point system. Moreover, the quality team creates various types of reports for maintaining the best quality: GSM check report and Light box system etc.