Generation Next Fashions Limited’s Dyeing Section is well equipped with all required machineries for a dyeing capacity of 35000 kg/day. It has 3 Stenter machines with the finishing capacity of 40000 kg/day and 3 open compactor machines, 4 tumble dyeing and 2 slitting machines, handle the material smoothly one Sclavos soft flow dyeing machine and sufficient number of fork lifts to handle the fabrics containers smoothly. Thus it can provide a wide range of special finishes. These include: peach and brushed finish, wrinkle-free, stain resistant, cool max etc. The company has an ultramodern process house which comprises the latest equipment and machineries in the world. Machines can dye polyester under high temperature and pressure conditions. It has the ability to produce dyed fabric without any piling due to low liquid pressure and double nozzle system. In the Dyeing/Finishing Section they are both open and tubular fabric finishing lines. To continue having a perfect finish on fabrics it uses world class machinery with modern technology.


After passing the dyeing section, different fabric properties are added in Finishing Section by applying different finishes. By using a series of finishing machines, correct width, softness and appearance are maintained according to requirements. Then sampling is done for several times to test GSM, shrinkage & fastness properties. Finally, fabric is inspected & prepared for delivery.